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CalArts Floor

CalArts Floor. Courtesy of CalArts School of Dance.

CalArts Floor


Created to embed dance into the urban fabric of Los Angeles, CalArts Floor is a multipurpose nomadic dance floor designed to travel to sites within LA and beyond. The floor embodies the mission of CalArts Dance to move performance out of the studio and into the life of the city. Inspired by the versatility of dancers’ lives in LA, this mobile dance floor is a prototype for a new artistic venue, one so simple it can be constructed for travel anywhere. According to its creator, CalArts Dance Dean Dimitri Chamblas, it serves as a place of experimentation and performance with the potential to showcase any number of disciplines.

CalArts Floor is an open stage available upon reservation to the public during museum hours. A series of scheduled performances and public workshops will be open to the public. For more information and to sign up to participate, visit here.

Presented as part of Wonmi’s WAREHOUSE Programs founded by Wonmi & Kihong Kwon and Family.