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Filmforum at MOCA Presents: Small, Real: Observation and the Mundane

Babette Mangolte, The Sky on Location (still), 1982, 16mm film, color, 78 min.

Filmforum at MOCA Presents: Babette Mangolte: The Sky on Location


In Person: Babette Mangolte

Artist Babette Mangolte joins MOCA for a screening of her film The Sky on Location, a meditation on the American landscape. “The idea for the film came while I was traveling in 1975 on buses roaming the West. Often spending a night on the bus, I was leaving a sunset in Arizona and waking up by sunrise in Wyoming. I noticed that the color of the sky changed from North to South, and that color shift was what I tried to capture.” Mangolte’s film constructs a geography through color while exploring ideas of wilderness unknown to her in her native France.

Tickets available in advance.