December 2014

Wednesday, December 17 at MOCA Pacific Design Center
Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman
Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman
Oct 11, 2014-Jan 17, 2015
213/621-1745 or

Cameron (1922-1995) was an artist, performer, poet, occult practitioner, and provocateur who lived in Los Angeles after World War II and uniquely bridged the city’s flourishing spiritual and art worlds. A pivotal though under-recognized figure, she is closely associated with Beat artists such as Wallace Berman, George Herms, and Dennis Hopper, filmmaker Kenneth Anger, and occultists Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons, her husband for a time. She is best known for her paintings and drawings of human and fantastical figures and had a long career, spending her last years in West Hollywood. Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman, organized by guest curator Yael Lipschutz, will be the largest comprehensive survey of Cameron’s work since 1989 and will include approximately 98 artworks and ephemeral artifacts. Alma Ruiz, MOCA Senior Curator is the coordinating curator.

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